What We Do

What we do

ArgoLynx Consulting LLP

Executive Search & Advisory

We work closely with our clients to understand their leadership requirements and execute an effective search strategy to ensure the most suitable talent solution is delivered.

Leadership Assessment & Talent Assesment

We enable organizations make informed, metrics-based decisions around executive selection, high-potential identification, and succession planning.

Talent Mapping

We enable our client partners by providing them with in-depth analysis & insights on the talent landscape and talent pool availability in each market. This enables us to identify the most suitable talent within targeted industries and job functions.

Digital Leadership

Digital transformation is rapidly affecting businesses across industries, business units and regions. Whether harnessed within companies internally or disrupting the marketplace externally by innovative competitors, digital capabilities are emerging as a transformational force. At ArgoLynx, we are evolving quickly with our clients to help them define and measure the ability of their leadership to be future ready.

Diversity & Inclusion

We play an active role in furthering diversity agendas of our clients and concur to the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our Holistic Search Process

Engagement & Comprehension

Understand the client’s organisation, their DNA, their business strategy and the role requirements to the most granular detail. Devise a comprehensive position description document that acts as the tool to attract not just the active but also the passive talent.

Strategy Formulation & Scoping

Create a multi dimensional search strategy that entails deploying our expertise and reach in unearthing candidates who could be absolute fits, the aspirational fits and out of the box fits.

Intensive Assessment

Adopt a multi pronged assessment model that includes evaluating leadership, functional, interpersonal and intrapersonal fitment of the candidates. In addition, also deploy strategic assessment tools to aid further decision making.

Closure & On-boarding

Play a pivotal role in offer brokering, referencing and candidate resignation. Ensure successful onboarding and stay connected at the various milestones of the candidates lifecycle in the organisation.